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Shropshire Hills Traditional Free Range Meat

We produce, process, pack and even deliver it to you if you live locally


We are breeding miniature cattle and aim to increase the quantity of excellent quality beef they produce. We have two miniature Hereford bulls that we cross onto our Dexter cows. All our cattle are reared slowly on a grass diet without the use of concentrated feed so according to research they should be a great source of the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, unlike grain fed cattle.

The miniature Hereford is a breed that has originated from a ranch in Texas where the Largent family had a breeding program selecting pedigree Herefords for their small size until eventually they produced the size they were after. Just like their larger relatives, these produce beautifully marbled beef and mature well on a grass fed diet. The miniature Herefords in this country are very limited as they have mainly been produced by embryo transplant. We have two stock bulls, Charlie and Harry.

The Dexter is the smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles, it a dual purpose breed originating from Ireland. It produces milk as well as great tasting beef, but its dual purpose conformation limits the amount of meat it produces. Our cows are mainly “non short” pure bred Dexters, but we are also using our Hereford crosses as well now.

Small cattle have lots of benefits as not only are they are easier to handle but also poach the land less, so can stay out in the fields grazing for a larger portion of the year. Our long term aim is to keep crossing a miniature Hereford bull on the Dexter offspring until eventually in many years time we will have a herd of purebred miniature Hereford cattle producing a lots of beautiful beef.

We are proud to offer 100% grass fed, beautifully marbled beef that has been allowed to mature in the field for at least two years. It is then matured for a further 28 days on the hook so it just melts in your mouth. We have a regular supply of beef but you may need to order in advance as it is very popular.