Shropshire hills home of miniature Hereford cattle,
Shropshire and blue faced Leicester sheep



Blue Faced Leicester

This breed is very prolific with a very sought after fine fleece. They are regularly crossed with many of the native British breeds, particularly hill sheep, to produce the mule. Mules make up a large proportion of the crossbred ewe population in this country. We cross also have some Shropshire mules.


Blue Faced Leicester x Texels (Aberfield/Frontera)

This is a fantastic cross, which due to hybrid viguor combines the best of both breeds. We find they are great on their feet and ideally suited to breeding replacement females within a closed flock, with the added benefit of producing a top quality prime lamb. They are suitable for lambing in indoor and outdoor systems but are being increasingly used on outside lambing flocks due to their lambing ease. The Aberfields offered for sale by Innovis and Fronteira breed from Logie Durno have both originated from a similar cross. We will also have some 3/4 bred texel 1/4BFL rams for sale this year.

All our cross bred tups are bred from performance recorded Blue Faced Leiceter ewes in the top 25% and our Texel rams are in the top 5% for their breeds.

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