Shropshire hills home of miniature Hereford cattle,
Shropshire and blue faced Leicester sheep

History of the Miniature Herefords

Miniature Herefords originated in America at the Points of Rock ranch in Fort Davis, Texas after many years of careful breeding selection by the Largeant family. These loveable cute cattle are perfect for the smallholder due to their docile nature, ease of handling, calving ease, early sexual maturity, they finish well on grass fed diet and are easier on fields and fences. They also taste great with a natural marbling to their meat are a lot easier to fit in the freezer than their larger ancestors.

The Miniature Herefords were created due to the hard work and dedication of a father and son partnership. Rust Largent, the father, who was disillusioned by the trend to just look at the size of cattle in the show ring and his son, Roy Largeant III, it  appears was driven by a more practical problem. Roy was tasked with doing a lot of the butchery on the farm and commented many times after an exhausting day hauling 190lb quarters of beef onto the hooks in the cooler that he wished the bullocks were half the size. Then in the summer of 1970 at the age of 15 he convinced his father to let him have 5 of the smallest cows and a bull and beginning breeding miniatures. It was understandable quite a long process and the first true miniature bull wasn’t born until 1981.