Shropshire hills home of miniature Hereford cattle,
Shropshire and blue faced Leicester sheep

Welcome to Hodghurst Farm

Hodghurst Farm is a family run business based at two farms in the rolling hills of Shropshire. Hodghurst Farm is located just below the Longmynd and Red House Farm, Longville is nestled under the Wenlock Edge. Both farms are in very beautiful settings and great locations for raising livestock. The majority of livestock is based at Red House Farm where son Nick and wife Helen live with their two children and parents Rob and Chris live at Hodghurst Farm.

We have registered pedigree miniature Hereford cattle and a nearly purebred herd that originated from Dexters 3-4 generations back. We always have a stock of pedigree Miniature Hereford semen and embryos. And for the first time we have 94% purebred Mini Hereford females for sale!! Our cattle are in the high health scheme and certified BVD free and Level 2 Johnnes and we are a closed herd

We also have pedigree Blue faced Leicester and Texel sheep that are all performance recorded all the tups we use have top 1% EBVs. High flock health is important and sheep remain as closed as possible with only the occasional tup being purchased and all our sheep are MV accredited.

With welfare and enviromental impacts being high on our agenda we have Countryside stewardship agreements ongoing. We try and keep our farming methods as extensive as possible whilst keeping up to date with new technology and research.

Nick and Helen on the farm

Female Miniature Herefords for sale at last!!! Please call Helen on 07713403285 for more information