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Shropshire Hills Traditional Free Range Meat

We produce, process, pack and even deliver it to you if you live locally

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To order your free range meat you can call us on 01694 771224 or why not visit us at Lydham Market on a Friday.



We have fresh free range pork, dry cured gammons, ham and bacon available fortnightly.

For a list of pork prices and recipe ideas click here



We have a regular supply of miniature Hereford cross Dexter beef throughout the year

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We have fresh Shropshire lamb available between June and November.

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Our free range chickens are available at regular intervals throughout the year, they are sold as whole, half, or individual cuts of: boneless skinless breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings

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 Unfortunately we have finished processing at Hodghurst Farm

We would like to thank all our very loyal customers over the last few years, but at the end of 2017 we came to the difficult decision that as a family we needed to allocate our time differently here on the farm. Our children are growing so quickly and we don’t want to be so busy that we miss this very special stage of their life.

Andrew from Wegnalls Farm will be filling our spot at Lydham Market  once a fortnight and as soon as he has his website finished we will have a link to his page. He has always butchered for us and will continue to produce the gluten free sausage and burger with the recipes we had refined. He will still be sourcing his beef from our grass reared miniature Hereford cross dexter beef and is aiming to have his own free range chicken in the near future. Andrew can be contacted on 07890 392132.

Please bear with us while we update the rest of the website.

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Ring or text Helen on 01694 771224 or 07713 403285

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