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Shropshire Hills Traditional Free Range Meat

We produce, process, pack and even deliver it to you if you live locally


Our pigs are free range through out their life, apart from a couple of weeks when the piglets are very young. After that they head outside with their mums to root and forage as they were born to do. Our piglets are weaned at 8 weeks old to give them the maximum chance to take on board all the natural goodness, bacteria and immunity from their mother. They are then armed with Mother Nature’s defences and don’t require the use of antibiotics and growth promoters in their food, unlike intensively farmed pigs that are weaned at 3-4 weeks. Being free range not only means they are happy and healthy pigs but also means they are full of flavour from all the rooting around.

Our sausages are made using natural sheep casings, have a high meat content and are made using good cuts of meat from the pig not just the trimmings. We also dry cure our own bacon and hams and people often comment not only on how nice our bacon is but also how great it is that it doesn’t shrink in the pan or exude any horrible white stuff.