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Shropshire Hills Traditional Free Range Meat

We produce, process, pack and even deliver it to you if you live locally


The chickens we rear for the table are a breed called Sasso that we buy in as day old chicks. Sasso chickens are the gourmet’s choice for  flavour and texture, they have been specially developed in France for the  free range market. They stay inside for the first 3-4 weeks under a heat lamp until they have all their adult feather on and are ready to head out side outside. When our birds are going outside for the first time, it seems a bit mad to think that intensively reared chickens are nearly ready for slaughter. Intensively reared chickens are ready at 35 days and we don’t process our chickens until they are 10-14 weeks old. Our chickens are allowed to grow slowly and range outside in the field and woods all day long, and it certainly makes a difference to the taste. Any supplementary food they consume has been grown locally and milled and mixed by us. So we can be sure they don’t consume any growth promoters or antibiotics . The chickens used to be completely free to roam where they wished on the farm, but we had a very cunning fox appear in the day time and decided he would like a chicken for lunch each day. So, now we have an electric fence around the field for their own safety. In general our chickens weigh between 2-3kg when they are dressed and some are up to 4kg. This is slightly heavier than the traditional “supermarket chicken”, but we are not a supermarket and we feel it is ethically right to let the birds fulfil there growth potential as much as possible. This can be seen as a bonus though, because after a Sunday roast you can have a rest in the kitchen the following day, as depending how many you had for Sunday lunch, there will be enough left for sandwiches and a quick rice dish or similar. Our chicken is also often cheaper than most supermarkets.