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Shropshire Hills Traditional Free Range Meat

We produce, process, pack and even deliver it to you if you live locally


We have the pedigree “Edgton” flock of Blue Faced Leicesters and the “Hodghurst” flock of Shropshire Sheep on the farm and also run a commercial flock of Texel cross mules that we cross onto the Shropshire.

We often have stock from both pedigree flocks for sale.

The lamb we produce for the butchery is Shropshire or Shropshire crossed making it very tender from the characteristic marbling of the breed. Our lamb has been on a 100 % grass fed diet bringing with it the great health benefits and making it suitable for those following a paleo diet. It is slow grown like all our meat as we believe this is where the great flavour comes from.

We sell our lamb as “whole” or “half” lamb packages, which results in a great saving. But also have a selection individual cuts available regularly. And you have the knowledge that our lamb has not been stressed out by a market or by travelling long distances across the country to an abattoir, it is transported by us to the local abattoir 22 miles away.